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Switch Board Stickers or Switch Board Wall Decals

When it comes to your home decor everyone tries to find the best products for their home. WallsPk provides you with a wide range of products for your home decoration like DIY 3D Wall Clock & Wall Stickers or Wall Decals & Switch Board Stickers. Light Switch Board Stickers and Outlet Wall Decals are available in 34 removable colored vinyl options and are sized to go perfectly around light switches.

Here we are providing you with the best collection of Switch Board Stickers. Besides other home decor products switch board wall decals add more beauty to your home.

What are switchboard stickers?

Lightboard stickers are a special kind of stickers which mainly designed for electrical switch boards. Wall decals are made of self-adhesive removable vinyl. They come with a paper backing and a clear transfer coating. They can be applied to any smooth surface such as walls, glass, furniture, appliances, and more.

WallsPK uses high-quality matte finish vinyl to give an extraordinary painted look.

How to apply them on a switch board?

It is very easy to apply switchboard wall decals. It is just like double-sided adhesive tape. Just peel the backside and paste wherever you like according to your switch board position.

What is the size of the switchboard stickers?

Every switch board sticker comes with different size but usually, most of the designs range between 15(cm) Width * 15(cm) Height

Do they perfectly fit on my home switchboards?

We have designed all the stickers according to the size or dimension of the china switchboard panels which are in a trend right now in Pakistan. Mostly our designs will fit into all the boards but they will perfectly go with the china switch boards.

Do you provide customized switch board wall stickers?

Yes. Of course contact on WhatsApp. We will do our best to provide you with the best we can.

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Men Shooting (SW-01), Boy On A Skateboard (SW-02), Truck Loading Switch Board (SW-03), Car (SW-04), Falling Penguins (SW-05), Bulb Hanging (SW-06), Man Pushing Switch Board (SW-07), Humming Bird Sucking Nectar (SW-08), Boy & Girl Swinging (SW-09), Spider-Man (SW-10), Girl On A Swing (SW-11), Boy Throwing Basket Ball (SW-12), Man Fishing (SW-13), Spiders Hanging (SW-14), Man Hanging (SW-15), Man Climbing (SW-16), Man Climbing Hill (SW-17), Cat Scratching (SW-18), Minion Electric Shock (SW-19), Fairy Sitting With Magic Wand (SW-20), Helicopter Taking Switch Board (SW-21), Funny Cat Seeing Switch Board (SW-22), Mouse Climbing (SW-23), Rocket Takeoff (SW-24), Lamp With Wire (SW-25), Romantic Pull With Magnet (SW-26), Tap With Dollar Drop (SW-27), Monkey Face (SW-28), Simpsons (SW-29), Moustache (SW-30), Monster Eating Switch Board (SW-31), Minion Robot (SW-32), Robotic (SW-33), Skeleton Electric Shock (SW-34)


Switch Board Stickers | Switch Board Wall Decals | Wall Decals & Stickers

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